My Response to Listening to Shame by Brene Brown

“…there was a part of me that was working very hard to engineer staying small, staying right under the radar.”

I wonder when we decided that vulnerability is a weakness.

When ‘I don’t do vulnerability’ became our mantra.

And I wonder about the first time my heart broke when we could no longer see each other.

“Vulnerability is our most accurate measurement of courage.”

I remember when I thought I could do anything.

When new ideas were as easy as breathing.

And I wonder when I stopped believing.

“Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity, and change.”

I tried to do it perfectly.

To never let them see me sweat.

And yet, I still fell short.

“Empathy is the antidote to shame.”

I feel it now

That sharp, alive pain of being human and the desire to begin again.

And I want to know you won’t abandon me.

“If we’re going to find our way back to each other, vulnerability is going to be that path.”

So I’m willing to let go

To catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights and take this first, tender step on a new path lit up by awe

And love.

“…we just want, for ourselves and the people we care about…to dare greatly.”

I am here now.

In the arena.

I am seen and I see.

Thank you to Brene Brown for talking about shame, for shedding a light on my own shame gremlins, and for inviting me to dare greatly. The above quotes are from her Ted talk Listening to Shame.

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