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World Domination Summit Ambassadors

This year I was an ambassador for the World Domination Summit. It was amazing. I met incredible people, doing incredible things, and each day I left feeling like I could do anything and be anyone.

There were incredible speakers who have experienced great success in the world through their blogs, books/products, and artistic creations. At the very last presentation I realized that…

The secret of all of these successful people is personal alignment with their own unique Calling.

The people that were speaking on stage weren’t doing things like everyone else. Nope. Instead they were doing things like living in 84 square foot houses, walking across the country, not speaking for 17 years, and wearing capes (literally!)

Each one of these persons was willing to let go of what they thought they were supposed to do and embrace what they wanted to do.

They were willing to dream and do something about it.

They listened to that still, quiet voice within and consistently took action to honor it – even when they were confused and afraid.

They were willing to ask for and receive help along the way.

And now they speak so that you and I can see, learn, and experiment with our own Calling.

One speaker who really inspired me was Jadah Sellner of Simple Green Smoothies:

Jadah Sellner of Simple Green Smoothies

She says, “I encounter every lesson in life on purpose,” and let me tell you she’s had some lessons! But, Jadah’s turned those lessons into wisdom.

Here’s what Jadah encourages you to do to answer your Calling:

  1. Say your dreams out loud.
  2. Take imperfect action.
  3. Let go!

Allow me to repeat #2:

Take imperfect action!

This one is particularly challenging for me because I like to get it right, on the first try, with perfection.

But, that’s rigid. And often times mean. With no room for compassion or fun. Further more, this need to get it perfect is ego-driven. It’s fear-mongering. And I’m no longer willing to let it stop me.

Once again I turn to Jadah who says that if you’re afraid to put yourself out there then taking imperfect action is perfect for you. Here’s how:

  1. Take consistent, ninja focused action ~ she only used Instagram as the social media platform to test her new creative idea. She didn’t spread herself across every site and try to do everything. She chose one. She started. She learned. She is a ninja!
  2. Stay insanely curious and see what sticks ~ so many of the WDS speakers talked about how they failed, failed, and failed again. But, they didn’t let those setbacks stop them from moving forward. Maybe this is the true difference between those who experience great success and those who don’t: they aren’t afraid to fail.
  3. Court your community ~ Jadah says that social media is like a dance club. Your website is like your house. And your email list is like your bedroom. I love this!
  4. Hyper-engaged connection ~ have that conversation. Share your wisdom. Post comments. And not so that people will notice you, but so that you can contribute to others.
  5. Choose love over metrics ~ Jadah says to “be in love with your community.” She sends love notes to her peeps every Friday reminding them why they do what they do and what a positive difference they are making. How freaking cool is that?!

Sometimes when I think about my dreams, they seem so big. But, when I look at this list of imperfect action I think to myself, “I can do that!” That’s what is so cool about the World Domination Summit: every single speaker and every single connection made me feel like anything is possible.

I want to leave you today with a visual in mind. Imagine you’re water skiing. You’ve having the time of your life. The boat turns unexpectedly. The wake is too big. You fall.

What would you do next?

You’d let go, right! Jadah told us that holding on is just like letting yourself be dragged around that lake after you’ve fallen. It hurts. It’s not fun. It’s a mouthful of water!

Let go.

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